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The workout experience that comes to you. Workout with actual cheer & dance athletes lead by certified personal trainers. Get instruction on all movements prior to workouts set to great DJ-mixed soundtracks. Access our online Cheer & Dance workouts anywhere anytime.

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Superior Sports Performance (SSP) designs strength and conditioning programs for the individual cheerleader or dancer on all-star, high school, or collegiate competition teams. Our programs are available to the individual online or customized for teams and their goals with an emphasis on progression training. Our training is delivered in three phases that concentrates on the development of the athlete through the offseason to preseason to competition season. The three phases are distinctly different programs designed to focus on the point and needs of the season.

SSP's ultimate goal is to develop and prepare athletes to perform their competition routines at the highest physical levels.

Competitive Cheer and Dance are the fastest growing sports in the world. These sports are ever-evolving into more dynamic athletic performances that requires a higher degree of fitness to execute the difficult skills in today's choreographed routines. Cheerleaders and Dancers have to be more cardiorespiratory fit and stronger than ever before. Cardiorespiratory fitness requires the athlete to be skillful in both aerobic efficiency training and anaerobic endurance and power training.

St. Ambrose University Dance Team: 4-Time National Champions

"Over the last three years SSP has helped catapult our competitive dance team to new championship levels. Their program has helped our dancers become more athletically fit while developing strength and agility to perform some of the most difficult skills in today's choreography. Our routines are very challenging and require tremendous fitness. We would not be where we are today if it wasn't for the help of Superior Sports Performance." - Coach Danelle Langeneckert

University of St. Francis Dance Team:

"Prior to Rob coming to work with my team, they were strong but not refined in their strength and conditioning. They didn't follow a consistent workout regimen, or if they did their workouts did not assist them as dance athletes; they were training for a different sport than their own. As Rob came to roll out each of the three phases, the girls made such a dramatic transformation in their strength and abilities. When he comes to roll out the workouts, he stresses to "train for your sport". This is a mantra we have taken as a team, especially during the carefully planned workouts that Rob brings. Albeit challenging, from the SSP workouts my dance athletes are jumping higher and longer, turning with better stability, and are conditioned to make it through the end of their competition routine. We are so thankful that Rob has come to work with our team and for his dedication to our success!" - Coach Nina Ulman